Head Office Team

Abacus Epos UK Ltd consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Here some info about our head office team.

James Hopkins

Managing Director


Jim the founder of Abacus over 25 Years ago has worked with both till and Epos system most of his working Life, what and who he does not know about this industry is probably not worth knowing.
Jim has built his business on one thing - customer service & support. Knowledge and honesty are all that he believes in, always willing to support both new and existing customers all the same and working with them to achieve the best result
If Jim says Yes then it's done.



Mary Hopkins

Finance Director


Mary has been a part of Abacus from its conception with possibly the hardest job ensuring that the company is financially secure. Mary has a great sense of humour and working in a male environment this is a must but when the bills need to be paid then out come the nail file.
Always happy to assist and a straight talker Mary has ensured that Abacus is around for the next 25 years.



Jed Eaton

National Sales Manager


Jed has worked in many arenas and acquired vast experience in Retail - Hospitality and Manufacturing, Chip & Pin and Epos Southern Sales Manager. For a reputable supplier Jed came to Abacus with high recommendations.
Jed has opened the UK to Abacus bringing customers from Scotland Wales and England with the network of sales people that we have working with us.
The things that Jed values are honesty and clarity; letting the customer make a fully informed choice. As he has been on the other side of the table he knows what is needed in both the retail and hospitality business to make a success and have full insight into your business.



Steve C

Field / Service Manager


Steve has been working with Abacus for over 10 years and has a vast knowledge of Epos and till systems. Steve is front line support for our telephone and online support team; he's like our air traffic control working through all the support calls and on site service calls within the South East.
Steve is our $6 million man.

steve c


Dave S

Senior Tech Support


Dave is a Rock that is always there to support our customers, cheeky and quick witted but always a pleasure to work with.

Dave loves to talk and assist his customers and they all say he's a great guy, and in their words "HE KNOWS HIS ONIONS", " what a nice knowledgeable guy" and " Dave is great ". Just three comments that have come in recently.

dave s


Chris P

Senior Tech Support


Chris is our road runner, never stops and always willing to go that extra mile; when things need doing he is the guy to ask, driving through the night to assist one of our customers up in Scotland.

We are sure that he is a dynamo that charges himself when he is at the gym.



Sam H

Field Engineer


Sam is one of the field engineers; he's our cable guy - networking, CCTV, phone lines - he just loves cables!

Working in the family business Sam has progressed from the tea boy to an integral part of our team.

Yes it's true, he sometimes makes a coffee if you're lucky!

sam h

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